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BOOK-II-cover_green-fontTibby is back!

In and about the non-descript community of Whitewater and its residents in Southwest Florida, our protagonist and the supporting characters have now become familiar and somewhat endearing after their introduction in book one, “Adventures of Tibby–Nature’s Awesome Extraterrestrial Guardian.”

The saga continues with book two, “The Haunting of Beggar’s Swamp.” You’ll find yourself down in the nearly inaccessible and dangerous mangroves of the Everglades amid poisonous gas, mud traps, and “swamp lickys” all woven into a new adventure filled with intrigue, mystery, and comedy.

Read more about Tibby’s new adventures here!

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Book One



“Could not put it down . . . love the imagination of
the author and the story line, the unique blend of facts, and fiction . . .
very interesting and funny.” – from a review on Amazon.

“I am really enjoying The Adventure of Tibby. I recommend it for all ages. It is a funny fictional story with adventure and chaos. The sweet characters and the unexpected happenings keep you coming back to see what in the world is going to happen next.
So if you are looking for a good read and a light hearted adventure with mischief hidden in the mix I encourage you to purchase this book. You won’t be disappointed.” – from a review on Smashwords.
(reviewed long after purchase)

“Tibby, if you don’t put those guys and their boat back into the water this instant, you’re not getting any pizza tonight!”

How else could you possibly gain the ultimate influence necessary to control your thirty-inch tall, omnipotent celestial sidekick? Better have a can of Coke® to go with that pizza, too.

Here you go world, ready or not! Tibby, a cat-like extraterrestrial from the Spirograph Nebula in the constellation Lepus, has arrived to protect and perfect the twenty-first century flaws of flora and fauna within Florida’s Everglades.

Read more about Tibby’s first adventures here.


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Just Released!

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Adventures of Tibby